About Us

Cool Software Technologies, LLC (CST) was launched in 2008 as a business entity delivering industrial consulting services from Derek Simkowiak, and CST’s network of first-class subcontractors. We are located in Lynnwood, Washington, but Derek has successfully led development teams in India, Japan, England, Canada, Germany, and the United States.

Specializing in Open Source-based products, CST is part of a professional network of expert engineers, technicians, and scientists that CST has worked with on large projects. Areas of specialized knowledge include telecom, automation (SCADA), I.T. administration, network security, and marine, aeronautical, and scientific research projects. CST is also a U.S. government subcontractor, having met federal insurance and FBI background check requirements.

Honesty, competence, and professionalism are CST’s core virtues, and trust is a major reason that clients keep coming back to us. Over 80% of CST’s consulting clients are repeat customers. CST has a formal Code of Ethics (with annual reviews), and extremely strict network security policies. All CST network access is audited and requires two-factor (or better) authentication; we also run nightly off-site backups, and we only use encrypted disks secured by the U.S. AES-256 standard.

You can read about some of our past consulting projects, or check out our line of SerCon™ Servers. We also offer I.T. services, including collocation with bandwidth plans and our Managed SerCon Servers.